About Us

We are part of Paradigm Global Education & Management Co. Ltd (PGEM), an educational consultancy group established to provide the best collaborative leadership through multi-skilled, innovative approaches in the recruitment, placement, and retention of outstanding educators into multi-cultural academic environments world-wide.

TTG TAPS’ agenda is a comprehensive one in which the company offers a variety of services that serve as a bridge between fully screened, world class teachers and well-established schools across the globe.

We believe that all individuals and organizations deserve a stress-free and straightforward access to the best educational solutions that perfectly match their pedagogical beliefs and criteria.



Insightful school heads to the right people and to the right methods that answer the unique needs of the school and are geared towards growth and success


Qualified and competent educators to the best schools in Europe and overseas where they can significantly impart and impact education


Excellent schools with a commitment to a solid, well respected academic reputation and excellent global education


We are a one-stop shop for clients (candidates and schools) seeking assistance to connect and be connected with like-minded people with the sole focus of promoting educational excellence for all students. We see ourselves as a global team working collaboratively to provide the best educational solutions to all clients (candidates and schools).

Our highly personalized approach to our clients (candidates and schools) is a guarantee you can rely on. We strive to maintain high standards during the selection and recruitment process by providing information accuracy, promoting equal opportunity and diversity, and preserving the values and traditions which shape independent education.