We have attempted to share about all the things everyone new to international teaching needs to know in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question which is not covered below, please contact us!

First, the number of international school teaching and administrative positions is continuously growing as years pass by. According to the 2014 report by the International School Consultancy Group (ISC), there are more than 7,000 international schools worldwide, educating in excess of 3.5 million students, all using English as the main language for learning.

Second, salary offers, though almost comparable to what public school teachers in North America receive, become much more attractive due to potential compensation package that includes tax benefits, housing and transportation allowances, comprehensive insurance coverage, contract renewal bonuses, retirement plans, and much more.

Third, international schools are known for its high academic standards, small class sizes and motivated students. Its campuses are usually technologically-advanced, aesthetically-pleasing, and learning-conducive environments.

You can register with TTG TAPS and we will guide you through the whole process. We will share with you our comprehensive online database so you can see a position of interest for you in the international community. After carefully tailoring your professional profile, we will forward your information over to the school you wish to apply. We can help make the whole process much easier and less daunting as well as ensure the right people get your application as quickly as possible.

Determining which international school is right for you is a crucial decision to make. It is strongly recommended to pay attention to your chosen school’s ethos, culture, salary/compensation packages, and other important factors so you can evaluate if it matches your own needs and expectations before you submit an application.

TTG TAPS’ main goal is to create partnership with reputable and world-class international schools so we can guarantee that you will be placed in the safest and most satisfying working environment abroad.

In the end, you are the only who answer that question. But as long as you are actively interested and naturally curious about other countries – its languages, cultures, customs, and beliefs – working in an international school will be a great career choice for you. If you pride yourself for always seeking for a meaningful adventure, thriving in challenging and complex situations, and being a passionate educator, then you’ll be in your most natural element.

Salaries vary from school to school, and country to country. While there are international schools which offer a much higher salary package than others, remember to take into account the cost of living in that country as well. On the other hand, international schools in other countries might have a lower salary offering but it may come with more attractive benefits on the side as well as the possibility of enjoying a lower cost of living too.

International schools set different qualification requirements for various teaching and administrative positions but you have to have at least the following:

  • A completed undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • 2+ years of experience in your desired job
  • Valid certification or license applicable to your desired job
  • Flexibility in the geographical location where your desired job are most currently available

No. The minimum two years of work experience requirement does not exclusively apply to those who worked overseas before.

You do not necessarily need IB training to be able to work in an international school. Nevertheless, the decision will still be based on the individual school's or school district's recruitment policy.

If you have fewer than 2 years of post-qualification teaching experience, there are fewer international schools that will consider you and there will be more competition you will face. Nevertheless, TTG TAPS can help you pick a suitable international school that will provide a solid foundation for your future international teaching career.

Yes. If you are a fluent English speaker, and meet the required job requirements, you are still eligible to apply. However, if you’re still having difficulty with your English language proficiency, training will be available for you, and you will still be able to work successfully in any international school in any country around the world.

We have a steady stream of candidates who apply and find positions in various international schools throughout the year. Although jobs are added year round, most international schools hire teachers and employees one full year in advance. Therefore, candidates are encouraged to submit application starting in October for the following year placement.

Keep us posted on your current application status, scheduled work interviews and outcomes. If you have secured a position in an international school already, please notify us immediately.

How the Process Works

For Teachers and Administrators

  • Review the detailed requirements above to ensure your eligibility.
  • Create a profile with TTG TAPS. Complete the online application form.
  • Our recruitment consultants will review your application. If you are shortlisted, you will be scheduled for an initial interview.
  • After a successful interview, you will have to provide the necessary documents needed to complete the TTG TAPS process.
  • After submission of all application documents, we will help you with the required licenses needed to work in international schools of your choice, visa sponsorship, and such.
  • We connect you with international schools that are interested in hosting international teachers/administrative talents. We will remain in constant communication with you so you will know if a school is interested in hiring you.

For Schools

  • Create a profile with TTG TAPS. Complete the online school application form.
  • Submit acceptance of agreement to give us the basic information we need to start our evaluation process.
  • New school applications are reviewed first by our Executive Management Committee.
  • All school applicants are required to undergo the screening process to determine information about school operations, salary and benefits package, and such.
  • All school applicants will be asked to provide several references from teachers within the school and Heads of schools to vouch for your school suitability for work opportunities
  • After careful evaluation of all of the information provided, you will be notified if your school will be put in the TTG TAPS school bank and will proceed with assisting you with your desired service from us.